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  2. Anonymous asked: do korean guys like arms? i have arms and i'm worried about whether or not they will find me attractive. i have legs too. is that a problem?


    This is the best message I’ve ever been sent.

    Smh why…


  3. life at ku update

    So far I’m having the best time of my life in Seoul. Meeting new friends and hanging out. Midterms this week have been kicking my butt and it’s been really stressful. Students at KU take midterms super seriously and it’s intense. But my classes aren’t two bad just two of my classes are a little challenging and the rest are pretty easy. The English courses tend to be easier then those taught in Korean. My first two Midterms are tomorrow! Wish me luck~


  4. Midterms only Pizza and GD are keeping me alive~


  5. Hahaha their laugh at the end was like “yeah not going to happen!” 

    Oh Jay…

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  7.  Last messages from Survivors and Students trapped inside the ferry

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  8. <3


  9. pray for south korea

    This is horrible. I don’t know what to say. I hope and pray that they find the 300 missing passengers and that the death toll does not rise any further. I hope they find the cause of this and that it does not happen again. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. Please read the link. Pray for South Korea. =[



  10. Anonymous asked: Is it true that you have to throw toilet paper into bins in Korea?

    Yes it is true…I mean you can throw it into the toilets but you’re not supposed to…Some people think its weird but its really not bad, I promise. 


  11. salinainkorea asked: so sad. im going in june. oh well - i hope you are having an awesome time!!

    Thank you! I’m having the best time! I hope you have a wonderful time too! ^__^


  12. metronome

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  13. salinainkorea asked: hey how long will you be staying in korea?

    Until the end of June. =,(


  14. stardustelf asked: He's actually in one of my classes, he's kinda mischievous, but really funny! He's nice and gives really good advice about places to go in Seoul to have a good time. :)

    There you go Anon here is the opinion of one of my friends on Alexander. =)


  15. Anonymous asked: Heey where is that HBA top thing from in your OOTD post please? *.*

    Hi! I got it from Hongdae in Seoul. I don’t know where you can get HBA if you’re not in Seoul. Try online. =)