Anonymous: Hey so I read somewhere on your blog that you go to Parsons and I wanted to ask how you liked it, what your overall experience is academic and rigor wise and impression of your classes. I'm considering applying after I finish my undergrad degree because I really wanna own my own fashion line and Parsons has such high regard in the fashion world. Basically just anything you can tell me about it. Thanks!!!

Hi! Yes I go to Parsons. I love it there. The professors are excellent and our new university center is amazing. If you want to be a fashion designer Id say Parsons is the place to study. There are a lot of other great schools too such as FIT. The classes are intense and the project/workload is a lot to be honest. Some professors are pretty chill and some are not. But I feel like if you are determined and hard working you will learn skills to put you above the competition, get connections with the top people in the fashion world and learn to challenge your intellectual thinking and how you create. Parsons is the place for that! =)