Anonymous: You said ahjummas and ahjussi's came up to you? What did they say? Did they speak in english or korean to you?

Random stuff. Some ask if I’m an actress. This one lady in Wando wanted to treat me and my friends to lunch. Some just say I’m pretty and give me a high five. Some help us if me and my friends look lost. And some ask where we are from. They speak in Korean mostly.

dreamislandobsessional: Would you recommend going to Korea in the spring or fall?

I’ve never been in Korea for fall so I can’t suggest it to you. Spring was nice because you got winter, spring and summer weather. Also there is the spring festivals and cherry blossoms. It’s pretty nice. I’m not sure what the perks are for fall. If anyone has any please let me know!

Anonymous: I have a savings of $2000. Do you think that will be enough to last 4 months while attending korea university?

It depends on what kind of spender you are. If you only spend money on food and are careful with your spending it should be enough. But if you want to go shopping and take day trips and go out often you may have trouble staying on budget. Money questions are hard to answer because we are all different and spend differently. I like to shop so I may have a bigger budget. Some of my friends had about $2000 and were fine not shopping as much. Its all up to you. Also look at how much you normally spend and leave a little or a lot of room for travel and shopping expenses. And remember the American dollar is worth a little more in Korea. =)

Anonymous: on average how much money do you think you spent on food?

I honestly can’t answer this question. I don’t really budget I just paid for food that was a reasonable price and I was fine. I probably spent about $10 a day on food and on special days maybe $15-$20. 

Anonymous: Chocolate Chip Honey Dip, can I get a scoop?

Hahaha you’re not going get a scope from me… turn down for everything. XD

Anonymous: Did you have a curfew at the dorms?

Nope :)

Anonymous: Did you stay inside the dorms at KU? And if so, how did you like it? Also do you have some pictures you could post of your room?

I did. I stayed at CJ International House. It was nice and clean. The doorman was pretty chill. The dorm was more spacious then my old dorm in the US. The only thing I hated was the wifi. I don’t know if it was my room but the wifi sucked. I have a MacBook Pro so the RAs often didn’t know how to fix my problems. Other than that I liked it. I didn’t take any photos unfortunately…but if you search CJ International house you will see lots of pictures of the dorm! :)

Anonymous: Can you show us what your name necklace looks like??

Sure! I’ll post a pic right now! =)

Anonymous: Where'd you get your Korean name necklace? Is it your real name written in Hangul?

I ordered it off of Etsy. Its custom made and it has my name in hangul! :)