1. salinainkorea asked: so sad. im going in june. oh well - i hope you are having an awesome time!!

    Thank you! I’m having the best time! I hope you have a wonderful time too! ^__^


  2. metronome

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  3. salinainkorea asked: hey how long will you be staying in korea?

    Until the end of June. =,(


  4. stardustelf asked: He's actually in one of my classes, he's kinda mischievous, but really funny! He's nice and gives really good advice about places to go in Seoul to have a good time. :)

    There you go Anon here is the opinion of one of my friends on Alexander. =)


  5. Anonymous asked: Heey where is that HBA top thing from in your OOTD post please? *.*

    Hi! I got it from Hongdae in Seoul. I don’t know where you can get HBA if you’re not in Seoul. Try online. =)


  6. Ootd from last week ;) follow my Instagram xXMissChrissyXx


  7. Xx

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  8. Anonymous asked: So apparently Alexander former member of U-Kiss goes to KU. He's in the school of Media and Comm. Have you seen him around?

    Yes I’ve seen him. He’s in 3 of my friends classes. One of them has/had a long group project with him.


  9. streetfashioninasia:

    On The Street, Seoul… Han Seung Woo


  10. lol Simon D’s face is like “yeah you wish /sigh”


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  11. i dare you too…

    So my friends and I went to Hongdae and decided to mix it up a bit and dare each other to do weird things to the local Koreans. One friend had to go up to a group of cute boys and say,”Oh! Tommy Oppa!” and walk away. My other friend had to twerk on command to shop music. I had to go up to a group of guys and tell this guy that I liked his hair and touch his mowhawk. And the other had to pick a piece of paper out of a guys hair in the subway. We all completed our dares and have now crowned Hongdae as the best place ever. ;)


  12. everyone in AOMG seem to be done with Jay’s shit 

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  13. Anonymous asked: Have you made any friends outside of KU?

    Yeah I have a few. =)


  14. aomg at octagon

    Saw SimonD, Jay Park, Gray, Loco perform at Octagon tonight. Besides being squished and trampled on by crazy girls, it’s was amazing to see them in person. Check out my Instagram for videos and pics. xxmisschrissyxx


  15. Anonymous asked: So how is the meal plan at KU? Do you cook your own food or do they have a cafeteria? I'm confused because I'm applying through globalinks and meals don't seem to be included.

    I don’t have a meal plan at KU. When you get here you have to apply for a student card and it acts like a debit card so you can add meal plan money to it. I cook and eat out. I mostly eat at the dorm I make pasta and rice and ramen. And I make my own breakfast. I probably eat out 3 times a week.