Anonymous: What form of id can you use to get into clubs in Korea? What did you use. Im 18 in america if i count as 19 in korea am i allowed in?

If you are a student use your alien card that you get when you come here. If not use your license or state ID. It’s always a good idea to have a photocopy of your license too. The drinking age is 19 in South Korea so if you are 18 right now which means you were born on or before 1995 you are legal!


That moment when you

That moment when you are trying to sleep because you have to get up early in the morning. And a acquaintance from Korea kakao you and you feel bad because he’s in the army and you have no idea how he is even able to message you. So you to talk to him because he sounds lonely. But you stop to write this post quickly because it’s so strange…

~k bye

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Anonymous: i find it really cool you were able to travel to different country while you were studying.What did you like the most about your travels ?

I loved meeting new people! I made so many friends that I will hopefully be able to see again. I am a history junkie so being able to see the Blue House and visit art museums and folk villages was awesome to me. Getting to wear a Hanbok was so exciting for me too. I loved eating all the yummy foods and learning a little bit of the language. I can’t wait of visit again and discover other countries and cultures! =)

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Anonymous: More like the zombies will never find top because he's forever hidden in his mansion like cave. And gd would die protecting his givenchy and prada collection.


gdragon would be like “u can stab me but pls stab me in the shape of the chanel logo. gotta be swag till the end”

Haha! Wat?